Beverley is a keen cook herself and didn’t want masses and masses of dishes (or expense) and felt she might add some dishes to the party herself. Husband Neil liked curries and barbecues and Beverley was keen for there to be a theme allowing guests to dress up potentially. She wanted the party to be outdoors, weather permitting, so the theme needed to incorporate that.

We discussed a number of different themes and I came back with 2 “drop and go” great value menus and 2 “part served” menus. At the value end the proposal was simply to have great vats of hot curries to which Beverley would add some extras. For “drop and go” menus we simply deliver the food, and the host heats up any dishes and lays out the buffet. For “part served” buffets we finish off the hot items, lay out the buffet and help serve, usually leaving the client with desserts. With the 4 options in the proposal Beverley had the choice of how much service she wanted.


NB: prices out of date.