There would be 150+ guests of all different ages, a large marquee and dance floor in the garden, and a bar area. Pete wanted to serve a range of hot and cold canapés, small enough to be one or two bites but in sufficient volume to feed the guests who would not be eating otherwise.

Pete didn’t want anything overly fancy (by which read unrecognisable ingredients) but he wanted it all to look special for his wife. Some of his family members were coming from London and he specifically requested Jellied Eels and some ‘traditional’ style canapés.

He wanted us to provide and arrange everything as they would be returning from a holiday on the day of the party. That included organising bar and waiting staff, additional nibbles dotted round on tables, all the disposables – coloured napkins to Jane’s favourite colour etc And he wanted it served and cleared, rather than just laid out. He wanted his guests to be wowed and well fed, and his wife not to have to worry about any of it.