Katherine is a self taught chef with a career background in publishing and she started Mustard Seed in 2010, offering a range of cooking classes on a variety of topics. In 2011, excited by the burgeoning London supper club scene, Katherine added the first supper club, opening the doors to 20 diners for a Midsummer seasonal feast. Since then the supper club has gone from strength to strength and has been featured in the Sunday Mirror, the Daily Express, Metro, and Prima magazine.

The catering side of the business came about after friends and associates started asking Katherine to cater for their events as a favour. Busy with cooking classes and supper clubs, Katherine resisted originally, until discovering a genuine enthusiasm for helping others with their party and event planning. Now catering is the mainstay of the Mustard Seed business, working with a wide variety of clients on all sorts of different events.

Peter, who works as a Business Analyst, has always supported Katherine in all of her culinary ventures, be that acting as sous chef or picking up last minute supplies, and he shares her passion for quality entertaining.

Both enjoy growing their own fruit and vegetables and share a love of quality seasonal ingredients, prepared with love and care, and presented simply and attractively on the plate.

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