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We love to welcome you to our home and in The Dining Room we offer a warm welcome and an intimate, personal dining experience...

Supper Club

Enjoy a great value night out, eat some great food and meet some new people...

Cooking Classes

Designed to be fun, hands-on and informative, and you will always be fed and, we hope, entertained at the same time...

Private Catering

We can cater for a variety of different events from children’s parties to sophisticated canapé parties, and from christenings to funerals...

Mustard Seed Blog

On skiing, friendship, and life and death..

We’ve been skiing this last week. I love skiing. I love the mountain air, I love the feeling of freedom, I love that it’s a passion shared by all my kids, I love the scenery and I especially love the food! I was first taken skiing when I was 12 or 13 years old. From the

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New Blog for 2017

..with love and a prayer.. I’m really excited to announce a new blog project for 2017. Called ..with love and a prayer.. the new blog will focus on seasonal recipes to nourish the body and prayers to nourish the soul; because for me there’s always been something spiritual about food . I’ll continue to blog here

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Last post of Advent 2016

19th December: How have we got to the fourth Sunday in Advent, and beyond, so quickly? Seems like only yesterday I started rambling on about Advent, and here we are on the 19th December. We’ve decorated the tree, we’ve been to the Carol Service, and we’ve popped the first Champagne cork. Surely Christmas has started?

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A guilty post for Advent

16th December: So this week has largely been taken up with being ill. It’s an arduous business lying in bed with a tortuous throaty cough and tonsils that feel like you’re swallowing hot daggers. Add a few swollen glands to the general discomfort and you get the picture. I don’t remember being this ill with

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‘Twas the third Sunday of Advent…

12th December: …and in all good Anglican churches, candles were being lit to represent John the Baptist. Church Leaders the length and breadth of the country asked congregations to shout out who or what each candle represented, and so it was in my church too. Only in my church when the question was asked there

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Still Rambling on about Advent but…

7th December: I know, I know, I missed another day, and it’d be very easy to miss today, let me tell you. I’ve come to realise I’m not very good at self imposed discipline. It’s kind of like a diet…forcing oneself to do things according to a strict regime…and I’m really not a good dieter.

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